ECMWF aims to achieve both quality and value for money in the procurement of goods and services.

What we buy

The type of goods and services required by ECMWF vary depending on the needs of the organisation at any one time. Past tenders have included procurement of servers and desktops, cabling and infrastructure, provision of temporary office space, and the remodelling of our library.  ECMWF is currently issuing Invitations to Tender (ITTs) for Copernicus services (see below).  Copernicus ITTs are available on ECMWF's eProcurement portal.  Other (non Copernicus) procurements are listed below on this web page with the relevant documents.


Please refer to the lists of current tenders and requests for proposal to see if there are goods or services you can offer us.

As an international organisation, we are governed by our Convention and its associated financial regulations.

Tendering process

We use an open tender process in accordance with our financial regulations. Information on how the process works for each ITT or Request for Proposal will be included in the published documentation.

If you have any questions about specific procurements, you should follow the instructions in the published documents to submit your questions.  If the procurement has been advertised in the portal you will need to express interest in the procurement in the portal and then submit your question through the portal. Please read through what we are looking for before contacting us.

Current ECMWF Copernicus tenders

Copernicus is the European Union (EU) flagship programme monitoring the earth's environment using satellite and in-situ observations. ECMWF is operating two services on behalf of the EU: the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service and the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

We publish Contract Notices in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).  We have also published Prior Information Notices in the OJEU for procurements for Copernicus Services.   Other Notices and ITT's will be added from time to time so see Copernicus procurement for the latest updates.

Current non Copernicus ECMWF procurements

Current open procurement procedures (Requests for Information (RFI), ITTs or Requests for Proposal (RFPs)) are shown in the table below.  Note that some of these procurement opportunities are not available in ECMWF's portal.

RFI/RFP/ITT reference RFI/RFP/ITT title published date closing date  


Prior Information Notice

Corrigendum Notice

PDF icon RAPS 18u2 message

PDF icon KRONOS 0.5.0 message

PDF icon IFS benchmark suite message

PDF icon RAPS 18u2.1 message

Contract Notice

Procurement of a High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF)

PDF icon ITT 270 Volume I

PDF icon ECMWF eProcurement Portal Guidance for suppliers

12 November 2018 12 February 2019, 14:00 (UK Local time)


PDF icon ECMWF_RFP_2018_276 Consultancy Services_final.pdf

File ECMWF_RFP_2018_276_Submission form.docx

The provision of specialist project consultancy services to support the ECMWF Data Centre Relocation Programme (The BOND Project) and ad hoc requirements

30 July 2018

17 August 2018, 15:00 UK local time (initial closing date)*


*The RFP will remain open on a rolling basis for a total of 12 months. The initial ‘closing date’ is 17 August 2018. Every thirty days thereafter, ECMWF will evaluate all any further responses received. Final date that a response can be submitted is: 17 August 2019, 15:00 UK local time

Procurement debriefing and review procedure

After you have received notification of the results of the evaluation of your bid you may request a debriefing from ECMWF.  Information about this will be included in your notification letter.

PDF icon ECMWF's Procurement Debriefing and Review Procedure