ECMWF is at the forefront of research for numerical weather prediction including probabilistic forecasting. Our research enables us to remain the world's leading centre for global medium-range weather forecasts.

We research collaboratively with scientists across the world and consider all aspects of prediction systems as well as the many areas that support forecast production. This includes the visualisation of big data sets and the scalability of our computer code, which is required for its efficient running on future supercomputers.

Satellite in outer space with Planet Earth on background

Using observations and combining them with the forecast model to produce an ‘initial state’.

We develop models for different components of the Earth System so that we can improve our weather forecasts.

research collaboration photograph

We receive extra funding from various bodies to produce some excellent science. We also work together with other organisations.

ECMWF Cray Super Computer panel design

Special Projects are 'experiments or investigations of a scientific or technical nature, undertaken by one or more Member States, likely to be of interest to the general scientific community'.